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About the NAA

1983 to 2017 


Northants Amateur Astronomers

Meetings are held at

Newton Field Centre

Newton, Nr. Geddington


NN14 1BW.

Full membership £30
Concessions £19
Meetings with guest speakers £3 and £4 for non members
General Meetings £2 and £3 for non members






Northants Amateur Astronomers was founded in 1983 as the Kettering and District Amateur Astronomers Society by its current President, Nick Freville.

Activities of the group centre, around our fortnightly meetings held on the first and third Tuesday of the month at Newton Field Centre, Newton, Nr. Geddington, Kettering. NN14 1BW.  You will have the chance to attend a variety of lecture meetings and participate in informal discussion in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our meeting on the first Tuesday is usually more informal where short presentations are given by members including a presentation on the current night sky and forthcoming astronomical events and weather permitting, observing. On the third Tuesday, the meeting usually consists of a guest speaker from either a UK university or other institution. See the  Meetings page for up-to-date information of the evening events.  All lectures are aimed at a popular non-technical level, and can thus be enjoyed by all, no matter what experience they may have, or not, in astronomy.

Other activities include a regular monthly newsletter (In Focus) and access to a well stocked library of books, magazines and videos. There are opportunities to join in with visits to places of astronomical interest and weekend observing sessions. There is a variety of telescopes that may be hired for a nominal sum.




Northants Amateur Astronomers are a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity Number: 1029891