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From the President

A message from NAA President Nick Freville
March 2017  

We have now been going for over 34 years being one of many astronomy groups over a wide area.

Ever since we started there has always been the problem of a suitable venue. Initially we started off in the building which now houses the museum near St. Peter and Paul’s parish church in Kettering. Now, after a number of changes we are wholly making use of the Newton Field Centre near Geddington.

This is probably the ideal place both for observations and meetings. Although the northern horizon is rather raised, the southern and western horizons are far more expansive although there is a residual glow from Kettering to the south.

Car parking is somewhat limited although there is room for overflow on the path to

the side of the Field Centre.

We are now committed to having 2 meetings each month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

Besides being a field centre for about 40 years now the celestial delights of the night sky can more often be added to its offerings.


Nick Freville
Northants Amateur Astronomers